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How A Yellow Flower Can Be Uncanny

The idea of strange and fearful things can be stirring in itself. Yet, would it be strange to have these feelings when you look at something natural and beautiful? In Julio Cortázar’s short story, “A Yellow Flower,” the stories main character sees a small yellow flower growing by itself in the grass, and he has these same feelings; feelings of fear, loneliness, and mortality. The man has been battling with the struggle of his life continuing on through a boy he spots on a bus. The boy ends of dying “mysteriously” and the man thinks he will be happy with his recurring life finally coming to an end, yet he actually finds that he wants someone to continue the life he had. As he ponders this, he comes across this flower on the grass, and he stops in memorization as he sees this flower and what it represents to him. This flower could possibly represent the beautiful life that he brought to an end by coming into this boy’s life, or it might reveal how now that his continuation of life has been severed, he can continue on with his own. But for me, I feel this flower was a symbol of the boy who he contributed to killing, and now that this flower (the boy) is dead, there will be no one to carry on this life he lived.

This story is uncanny to the effect of the man supposedly having some sort of “blood line” that will continue on and on forever. The people will not necessarily be related through blood to him or his family, yet their lives with have occurrences and events that are very close, if not exactly the same to his. It makes me this of this picture:

In this picture, I see the man’s life as the little girl. His life will go on and on for however long, maybe infinity, in the same exact fashion, possibly there will be some small variations, but as a whole it will be almost identical. This is what he put to a stop by the boy, Luc’s, life ending.




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One thought on “How A Yellow Flower Can Be Uncanny

  1. I really liked your insight on “The Yellow Flower.” Your discussion of how the story is uncanny and how it is familiar yet unfamiliar or unsettling was great! A “blood line” is thought of as a family lineage that continues on past your own life. A normal part of life. Yet when the line consists of people you don’t know who go through very similar or exact experiences as you, it’s very strange and a bit creepy.

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