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The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

— William Carlos Williams


The Voyage by Irving (A Literary Map)

In reading “The Voyage,” I found that Irving could have been leaving some meaning behind the story of the man traveling to England at sea.  This could be a stretch or completely false from what he was actually trying to convey through his writing, but nonetheless, I’ll continue on. After reading through the story, and then rereading it, I started to feel as though this story was one of a disconcerting nature. I felt as though Irving was trying to tell us as readers that imagination was being lost in humans. Being still in one’s home or in their “comfort zone” is holding us back. It is when we finally go out and discover new things/places/people that we can truly rediscover what imagination is. I attached a photo of a literary map that I drew out, making some connections through some of the major ideas or parts of the story and relating them all back to “The Voyage,” or discovering our imagination. I tied the actual trip out to sea as our way of leaving our old life behind to bring to light the imagination of our youth. I also paralleled the sailboat and the shipwreck it causes to the death, or loss,  of our former imagination and the rediscovering of it. England is thought of by the character as the home of our childhood imagination, and landing their to see a woman recognize her sickly husband is akin, I think, to a recognition or rediscovery of that lost imagination. In reading this story, I found that imagination is being lost in us and to truly find ourselves, we need to escape our old “land” and leave our old ideas of what our lives were in the dust and go out and discover what we are missing.







Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Phillip Marchese. I’m from Roseville, Michigan, and I’m a freshman in the School of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan. I plan on majoring in some sort of science, possibly in biology. I also plan on taking a pre-med path. In my English class, I was asked to create a blog about my style of literature and, in the future, give my opinions and insight on some of it. I am taking the course not only because it is required but also because I really enjoy and appreciate being able to express myself freely in writing without any restrictions and limitations on what I’m allowed to say. I love reading. Historical fiction and some science fictionand fantasy novels are my favorite genres. My favorite books are about things that could only happen in your imagination. Also, when historical events/people are combined with a fictitious cast of characters and events. Some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter Series, The Inheritance Series, The Pillars of the Earth, The Poisonwood Bible, Angels and Demons, and Burnt Shadows.

During this course, I hope to broaden my view and understanding of literature and discover more about what an author is trying to convey through his/her writing and also in what ways are they conveying this message.

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